NYC with Women Powering Technology

NYC with Women Powering Technology

I believe there are pivotal moments in life that you will look back upon and identify as your tipping point. After returning from a two day Women Powering Technology (WPT) conference in NYC, I can unequivocally say this was the trip that changed my perspective.

WPT is a non-profit organization headed by Angelique Mohring and Tabitha Creighton.  Both women, who run their own tech companies, noticed the need and created a platform to inspire, support, and empower women in and entering technology. In partnership with the Canadian Consulate, they organized two full days of intimate programming that included 10 Canadian tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

A recent Forbes report noted that women entrepreneurs out earn men by 14%, so why does it appear that we face so many more hurdles than our male counterparts? At the Ernst & Young breakout session, we had the opportunity to discuss this with Shala Burroughs (Women Innovate Mobile) & Jennifer Shaw (Bella Minds) and concluded that there are a number of reoccurring themes including suffering from imposture syndrome and not making the ask.

Taking part in this program helped me to gain new insight and knowledge by connecting with key executives from Estée Lauder, Pitney Bowes, American Express, Little Miss Match, and Verizon.

There is no formula to succeeding as an entrepreneur, but knowing that there is an outlet you can plug in to, can give you the power that you need to persevere.

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